Monday, July 5, 2010

Game Tester

Game Tester
Games tester is bestowed with a responsibility to test and report each and every respect of a game where he finds software glitches called bugs. These are errors which occur during writing of the complex software programs. The profile of a testers requires playing and replaying the same phase of the game numerous times. In doing so they are expected to find software glitches and bugs and thus provide a details report to the developers. They are professionals with aesthetic sense and can give numerous insights into the missing graphics in the game animation

The position of a games tester in the game development life cycle has changed enormously and the role has become more strategic in nature. No company can afford to have a major dent on its goodwill by the release of bug ridden video games, hence loosing valuable customers.

Anyone who has the passion for video games with a sense of graphics and real life building scenarios can become a professional game tester. Earlier only programmers were supposedly qualified for this key role, but with excessive demand and changes in the gaming conventions, home video game professionals are also being absorbed by this humongous industry.

Depending upon the experience you carry, your role as a game tester is challenged accordingly, though it requires an eye for a detail coupled with good reporting standards and effective communication skills. Game testers are brought into the picture when about 70% of the gaming software has being developed. They are then asked to rigorously test the different aspects and options of the game. A game tester might not be asked to fully test all levels of the game as most of these games are quite heavy. According to the market standards, most of the companies have different game testers being allotted different test scenarios.

Game testing might appear boring at times as it requires long sitting hours in front of the system with eyes continuously glued to the screen. It does bring in boredom for professionals who are continuously testing and retesting the same piece of code. Though there may be “cons” to being a games tester, the “pros” by and large outweigh them. These professionals are the lucky few who combine their passion for video games and successfully convert it into their bread and butter by getting paid for it.

You might not be able to earn much in the initial years as a games tester, but with passage of time and after you acquire expertise in this field, your compensation is bound to increase manifold. Developing an error free video game has always been challenge for the game development company and with changing times and millions at stakes, game testers have eventually become an indispensable part of the game development industry companies heavily dependent on them for their gaming passion.

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