Friday, July 9, 2010

Video game tester

In the early days of development of video game testing, the need for game tester was not felt due to small program design of video games. With small game size, the very scope of bugs in the software based games seems to be limited.

In mid nineties, as the advancements in computer hardware and advanced software came into picture, video games become all the more complex software programs .The need to run and test the proper functioning of these heavy programs rests with game testers. They are professionals who test a video game and report the bugs to the game developers. They ensure that before the final version of the game enters the market, the game is readily usable and catches the eye of the user.

The job of game testers becomes all the more important as no company wants to release bug ridden video game software in the market and hence have a severe blow on the goodwill. No wonders, with the evolvement of the hi-tech gaming industry in the past few years, the role of a these professionals has become strategic.

A game tester comes into the picture when about 60 to 70 % of the game has been coded; these professionals are asked to test the game using different techniques. Some may be asked to test manually by playing the game and thus report errors in each step, other may be asked to test on simulating software’s specially developed for video game testing. Now day’s real life scenarios have been included in gaming programs to give the end users a natural feel of playing, this has made the their job more demanding. They have to ensure 100 % quality control before the game is released commercially in the open market.

To be a games tester all you need is a sense of passion towards video games. In addition, you should be thought provoking and moreover, you need to have an eye for detail for seeing each and every aspect of the video game. You need not have a degree, much of game testers joined as amateurs with a sense of understating and passion about video games and with time they turned into professionals in the field of video game testing. Also, you need to be good in communication so as to give a correct feedback to the programmer. With passage of time they become a key requirement in the development of the video game software.

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